Summit County Community Care Clinic

The Rotary Club of Summit County made the decision to provide $40,000 of funding to the Community Care Clinic (CCC) as our 2005 Centennial Year Project for Rotary International. The initial project purchased medical and dental equipment. Annually, additional equipment for $3,000 is purchased based on identified needs of the CCC and funding dollars available from our Club. This project began in 2005.




The Rotary Club of Summit County developed a process in 2005 to nominate various projects that should be considered for the Rotary International 2005 Centennial Project.  The CCC was selected from 4 projects submitted. Annually, the CCC Rotary Committee collaborates with the CCC to identify needed equipment.  The annual check of approximately $3,000 is presented to the CCC Board of Directors by members of our Rotary Club. Our Club is identified as one of their sponsors and partners.



The mission of Summit Community Care Clinic is to provide exceptional, integrated, patient-centered health care services designed to meet the needs of people who experience barriers to accessing care, regardless of their ability to pay. Care Clinic patients come from diverse backgrounds and income levels. The CCC goal is to improve the health and well-being of their patients by preventing illness and treating disease in the most comprehensive and compassionate way possible.