Summit High Career Days

Over a period of about 3 hours (including short breaks), 9th to 11th Grade students were provided with the opportunity to meet with representatives pursuing a wide variety of occupations within our community.  The focus was on STEM, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but non science based professions were represented too. 

For the first 90 minutes, students were broken up into 4 groups, each of which was allocated to a different area of the school. Within those areas, several professions were represented and the students rotated to the different tables every 10 minutes. Presenters were asked to allocate 5 minutes to a simple task, related to some aspect of their profession, in which the students could participate. The remaining 5 minutes was for the transmission of information relating to the profession, and questions from the students. During the final hour, students were able to go to different presentation areas and seek out information from the community volunteers. Those students who wanted one on one information and advice took advantage of this opportunity.

We are proud to say that about one third of the presenters at the event were Rotarians.

Summit High Students explore Career options

In the past, a large number of presenters have been confined to one area of the school and students have been allowed to circulate as they wish. Of course, there were a number of students who made little or no effort to participate in the Careers Fair despite being given a short questionnaire which they were required to complete.  The 2013 format seemed to work much, much better and there were many students who seemed to derive some benefit from the exercise. 

Students were exposed to a wide variety of possible career choices. The 5 minute task within the rotating format kept the students engaged and stimulated questions.  Presenters found the event enjoyable, too.

Summit High School Career Day