Summit in Honduras

Summit in Honduras is a humanitarian 501c3 non-profit working in remote rural mountain villages in Northwestern Honduras.  We have been working in Honduras for the past 8 years.  Our primary focus is in the areas of Health and Education.  We have worked on a water project in partnership with Summit County Rotary and Rotary in Santa Barbara, Honduras.  We have built 3 schools and are currently working on building a school in the same village where we did the water project with Rotary.


Children in Honduras showing off their bracelets


Summit in Honduras has many ongoing projects.  We continue to build and support schools and education in the villages where we are currently working.  We have a partnership with an existing clinic and we are involved in bringing medical teams to work both in the clinic and in the villages and supporting available health care through a system of “Health Guardians” local villagers working with the clinic and medical teams.  We continue to look for opportunities to work with the people and to make a difference.


Rotary with Summit in Honduras, children painting their new school. 


All the Summit in Honduras does is to make a difference.  We dream of a country where people’s lives are not governed or defined by poverty, where medical care is accessible, where water is clean and plentiful. And where every child will have the opportunity to have an education.