Ethics Development - The Four-Way Test

The Four-Way Test


The Four Way Test is used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships. It provides an aid to Rotarians in their decision making processes and can be applied to almost any aspect of life. Many clubs think it is an ideal tool for children to confront ethical questions. Our Club tries to provide sessions with all 7th grade students at our Middle School every year, an experience in which 30 Rotarians participate.



4way-test-4.jpgIn the 1930's Chicago resident, Herbert J Taylor, created the tool to save a failing business from bankruptcy. It worked! As a Rotarian he offered the Four Way Test to Rotary International and it was adopted. Our Club’s membership recites the Test at the end of every weekly meeting before departing to go about our business.



4way-test-2.jpgWhen ethical issues challenge us, the Four Way Test provides a useful tool to both young and old to help evaluate and resolve problems. We hope that the children with whom we work will think of their challenges in the light of the words contained in the Four Way Test. Certainly we have seen thought processes that have been significant and revealing.